About Us

Warriors Hockey Club is a rapidly growing field hockey club based in Helsinki. Since the inception of the club in 2014 we have developed a successful junior program, as well as our Senior men’s team. Looking forward, we are always on the hunt for new players to develop and grow as a club. In 2018, we started our women’s team and we have grown exponentially. We have had numerous successes since our humble beginning in 2014, and we are still maintaining upward momentum. We currently have 52 under-15 players and work in conjunction with the International School of Vantaa, as well as Ressu Comprehensive School in Helsinki to develop hockey as a minority sport. The teams entered for the 2022 outdoor season are: 1 Men’s SM Team, 1 Men’s Hockey-5 Team, 2 Women’s SM Teams, 2 Women’s Hockey-5 Teams, 2 Under-14 Teams and 1 Under-11 Team.

Primarily, Warriors HC caters to locals and immigrants in Finland, who can speak English or Finnish. We have (have had) members from Zimbabwe, Kenya, Indonesia, Ireland, Belgium, Congo, South Africa, India, Holland, Britain, Malta, France, Germany, Finland, Italy, Argentina, USA, and Australia. We are renowned for bringing a very social and welcoming aspect to the sport and to our gatherings, whether in a playing or socializing capacity. We endeavor to host more frequent social events outside of hockey. We are a supporting and positive club, on and off the field so expect a good dose of laughter, often when least expected. Some of us take our sport quite seriously, whilst others just play for the enjoyment, but we believe that maintaining a healthy balance between the two is important. In the past two years, we have placed a bigger emphasis on being more competitive as the skill levels are increasing.

We welcome any interested players, supporters or sponsors to come and watch us, or contact the club President Vicky Moga via the contact page.  If you would just like to try playing field hockey, you are welcome to join as well, and hopefully our spirit will entice you to consider membership. We have equipment available for use so you do not need to purchase anything initially, unless you decide to eventually play on a full-time basis.


  1. I came across the warriors after seeing facebook post in an English-speaking support group, during one of my first weeks in Helsinki, and simply cannot recommend joining enough. From the initial message until my last day in Helsinki (I was there for a year on a student work placement) the warriors made me feel welcome and included, teaching me how to play hockey, helping me purchase equipment and providing not only great teaching and company but a fantastic support network. A fantastic bunch of people and fab experience.

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    1. Thank you, Lucy, much appreciated. We hope to perhaps see you again at some point should you decide to head this way again.

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