Harassment Policy


  • No person should be intentionally touched without their consent. Note that some inadvertent contact during games may occur.
  • No person should be subjected to sexually suggestive gestures, expressions, or comments.
  • No person should be subjected to derogatory gestures, expressions, or comments based on their gender or other identity.
  • No person should be subjected to bullying, for example, about their performance or appearance.

What to do?

Concerns and complaints will always be treated seriously and confidentially.

If you are the recipient or observer of harassment / inappropriate behaviour you should contact the Co-Chairs of the Club Committee as listed on our website under About Us, then Governance. If the report concerns the Co-Chairs themselves, you should contact any other member of the Club Committee who will handle it instead.

What will happen?

We will first speak with the person who made the report, and the target of the harassment if different, and assess the need for contacting the police and/or child welfare services. Police advice will be sought if uncertain to ensure player welfare above all else. If the matter concerns any people under 18 years of age, their guardian(s) will also be contacted.

If there is no reason to suspect a crime, we will also speak with the accused, and other named witnesses if needed, to ensure we receive all sides of what occurred.

Next we will consult with the wider Club Committee, minus any individual named in the report, to decide on appropriate steps.

Finally we will create a written summary of the consultations for confidential internal records and inform the affected individuals of any decisions.

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