Warriors Indoor Matches at Myyrmäki 28/01

Time runs short on tournament days then and again more often than we would like to admit. On Sunday (28/01) the Warriors Division 1 team and the Juniors squeezed in some match catch up against Vantaa.

Congratulations Juniors. Same place, same pitch, same team, same players, but the date and day is different.
On the 18.11 we lost 1-6
But now,
28.01 we won 2-1.
Special mentions to Manraj Singh our Hero of the Game. We salute him for his positive game spirit. Balance of the team also put in some hard work but looked tired.
Thanks to all parents who support today and those whom couldn’t attend  really missed a great match.

The Men started off on the back foot after Vantaa put in the first goal, but managing to equalize. Unfortunately for the men within two minutes of equalizing they were once again on their back foot and sadly losing 2-1. Lots of good plays and plenty of opportunity. Check out our facebook for a short video of the game play.

Thanks to Rainer Lönnbäck, we have some quality images from the matches which will be on our Instagram.

If you want to check out the stats for the games played check out Hockeyliitto’s Torneopal (link above), also like always our Instagram which is linked at the bottom of the website for some photos!

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