Warriors Senior Tournament 25/2

Apologies for the delay on reporting on the latest from Warriors HQ.

The Warriors men’s team had an amazing tournament last Sunday. We had three matches. First one against BMT Defeating them 9-1. The first goal being safely secured by Noel C within the first minute. Then after BMT got a lucky one in from a penalty corner, the Warriors began rolling the goals in. Lots of great play from all players, using some of the maneuvers they had been practicing. Following an extended break Warriors then faced the top of the table team HT-85 sadly we lost 3-0, however all three goals were scored on penalty corners in the first half. Going forward Bob J found the hole and patched it up. The Warriors were at full power holding them off and were unlucky not to find the net this match. Finally we played Urjala Megasticks. This team is second on the ladder. Our team started off on the back foot just finishing a TOUGH game against HT-85; but we slowly took Urjala apart. A great penalty stroke put in by Bradley K followed by many great goals finishing up at a 6-0 win. It was amazing to see the team pull together for a good result.

The matches can be found on the Warriors Facebook page.

If you want to check out the stats for the games played check out Hockeyliitto’s Torneopal (link above), also like always our Instagram which is linked at the bottom of the website for some photos!

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