Helsinki Warriors Ladies Start Their 1st Ever Indoor SM Division Match On A High Note

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The Indoor season for the entire Warriors family started on a high note several weeks back, when joint practice started at the Herttoniemi sports hall. The practices are attended by juniors, seniors, inexperienced and experienced players alike. We welcomed several new additions to the team wanting to give indoor hockey a go but sadly also said goodbye to some who will hopefully join the fold again soon.

Today’s SM ladies tournament started with two great performances by the ladies as they were pitted against experienced teams in regards to indoor hockey.   Coming off a first ever outdoor season in 1st division, the ladies decided to enter the indoor SM division and definitely took their opponents by surprise after their first tournament encounter.

The team held their own and beat Vantaa HC in their first match with a decisive 4 – 1.  The goal scorers in this encounter was captain Maaike Janssens and Lizelle Masson, both with 2 goals to their name.  Maaike Janssens concluded the match with 2 assists, Lizelle Masson with 1 assist and Rowina D’Amico with 1 assist.

The 2nd match was a tough affair as the ladies tackled an inspired ABC, who changed their game plan after their first match loss against Porvoo.  Play was a bit of a rollercoaster ride with several ups and downs and proved to be a major learning experience.  The team will definitely continue moving forward from this experience to become better players. The final score was 3 – 3.  The goals were scored by Maaike Janssens (2) and Lizelle Masson (1). Rowina D’Amico played a phenomenal match showing fantastic running speed and fitness and agility to beat several players with her dodging manoeuvres.

Our first time goalkeeper Saundarya Shah made some excellent saves. Renske Visser, Marjolien Rovers, Riina  Länsikallio, Taryn Baker and Elisa Vaittinen completed the ranks with inspired play.

The matches were not without mistakes, but after this first time birth the sky is the limit for this team.

2 Valuable assists is attributed to Lizelle Masson during the 2nd match. Maaike Janssens ended today’s tournament on 4 goals and Lizelle Masson hot on her heels with a 3 goal tally.

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