Under-13 Team Finishes the Outdoor Season on a High Note

Warriors Under 13’s at the Top of Their Game

The Warriors under-13’s experienced a highly successful outdoor season, in a season where the commitment to play and attend matches from other teams were rather low, with the exception of Urjala. Whether our team walks off the field as victors or losers, we still maintain the same enthusiasm for the game since the kids started playing two years ago. We have always accommodated where possible and we hope that the next outdoor season will see more teams actively commit to playing their scheduled matches. As the coach of this team I could not be prouder of their on and off the field accomplishments.

This season we were able to field two teams on most tournament days, sometimes with a goalkeeper and at times without, but the players consistently gave it their best and ended the season with the best matches of the entire season. The development clearly showed during the final tournament where Urjala put in a tremendous effort in terms of arranging the tournament.

On the day of the final tournament we fielded two teams with no substitutes and played longer matches than was the norm. Urjala assisted in providing a goalkeeper when our teams played against one another. The A team played phenomenally and won their match against Urjala 11-1. The B team put in a tremendous effort when playing against our A team and lost 2-3. The B team, unfortunately, lost 2-5 against Urjala but played their hearts out. The A team ended the season as outdoor winners, Urjala was second and Warriors B ended in 3rd place.

Final Standings

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our dedicated players, parents and contributors. Without you, the success we have had would not have been possible. The road ahead will become tougher and commitment to improve and develop as players in terms of acquiring and updating skills will be vital if we want to remain relevant and competitive. This will take some sacrifices at some point, since competition will become tougher as players get older.

I look forward to an exciting indoor season. Enjoy the short break, and let’s tackle the indoor season with vigour and commitment.

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