Warriors Ladies End The Season With A Well-Earned Bronze Medal


The Warriors ladies have been a force to be reckoned with this entire outdoor season. Practices have yielded results and with the varied skill and experience levels within one team we have been very successful even though we have never fielded a completely experienced team, like some of the other contenders during the outdoor season. As a coach I could not be prouder! The goals at times this season eluded the ladies but they certainly created several scoring opportunities. Scoring margins this season were always extremely close or ended in a draw.

On the day, Saturday 26 September 2020, the Warriors knew that the impressive newcomers to field hockey, Seinäjoki United, would be a team to not underestimate, as they have shown this entire season. The ladies started well and scored the first three goals and the opponents replied with two goals of their own.


We have grown significantly during the outdoor season in terms of the number of players and have welcomed newcomers with open arms. Even though some of the newbies were not confident enough to play yet, they have joined practices in order to become more skilled and fitter. Currently we have 20 active members, which bodes well for the indoor season especially with all the ladies committing to play indoor. With these numbers we will most likely field two indoor teams so that we also facilitate development in the form of matches. In this way all the ladies gain more experience and have an opportunity to hone their skills further.

Ladies, thank you for yet another fantastic outdoor season. I cannot wait to start the indoor season with zest and to tackle the opponents head on. Last year we obtained a silver medal during the indoor, this year, let’s aim higher. With hard work and commitment anything is possible.

I would like to thank Rowina and Taryn, our captain and vice captain, for as tremendous job this season on and off the field as well as behind the scenes. Running a happy and successful team requires commitment and drive, and you have been exemplary this entire season. Elisa, thank you for fighting our fight on the board of the Hockey Federation. Vicky Moga, thank you for your support during the the past three years.

To all the players, you have been phenomenal and we could not have done this without any of you. Thank you Vicky, Renske, Reeta, Eija, Tawni, Riina, Taryn, Rowina, Juliana, Daria, Saana, Endang, Elisa, Raija, Cami, Mona, Cintia, Abbie, Louise and Giulia. To our newest recruits Carlotta and Freda, welcome to the mad house (in a very good way). Michelle, Stela, Mona, Jonelle, Anna and Suzette, we hope to see you back with us soon.

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