Warriors Junior Ranks Expanding

Since 2021, the Warriors Junior ranks have been expanding slowly but surely to the point where we were able to field three teams for the outdoor season. In addition to that, we were also able to assist Seinäjoki United in fielding a 4/5 + 1 playing side. This outdoor season we fielded two under-14 teams and one under-11 team. We are thankful to be cooperating with students from Ressu Comprehensive School as well as students from the International School of Vantaa. We are also fortunate to have a small number of students from other schools in Helsinki and Vantaa.

Due to the fact that we had a complete uniform and image overhaul spearheaded by Taryn Baker, the names of our teams followed suit and gave birth to Warriors Cubs (U-11’s), Warriors Pride and Warriors Spirit (U-14’s). All the teams played phenomenally this season and we are immensely proud of their development. The season was accompanied by elated victories as well as minor losses that assisted in further development. We would like to thank all the parents for their commitment this season. We look forward to a long journey with your children as they continue in their quest to one day join our senior ranks. For some it cannot come soon enough!

We were fortunate enough to have an article published in Lasten Uutiset about our club’s involvement in developing field hockey for juniors. We would like to thank Paula Lehtomäki for arranging this amazing opportunity. The students enjoyed it thoroughly. The article can be viewed below.

From The Kids’ Perspective

Where to from here? you may ask. We have big plans for the upcoming indoor season. Our successful partnership with Ressu Comprehensive School continues as we have the tremendous pleasure to welcome 42 indoor players into our ranks ranging from grade 1 to grade 7. We will not reveal more about this venture, but we hope to get more schools involved in indoor hockey sooner rather than later. The 42 players exclude some of our existing players from other schools (10 players). We can confidently state that Warriors junior hockey is doing well.

If you would like to join our ranks, give us a shout via our “Contact Us” page. We welcome all skill levels.