Warriors Men’s Team Maintaining Upward Mobility

Since the 2021 outdoor season, the Warriors men have shown tremendous growth under the watchful guidance of the new coach, Lennon White. The number of players is at a steady increase as more and more expats are joining the ranks. To some extent, we are more fortunate than most clubs since we do not really have to invest too much time into recruting measures. Players are attracted to the club via our webpage, word of mouth, as well as the efforts of very confident members who won’t hesitate to approach prospective players in public, a daunting task for most.

Apart from a growth in numbers, the players have also developed in terms of skill and game tactics. This can clearly be seen when comparing the results at the beginning of the season to the results during the latter part of the outdoor season. The losses experienced at the start were close encounters, and the winning team very often won by a 1 goal margin. Close but no cigar!

The past few weeks of play have proven that the Warriors men are not a team to be trifled with. Given more time, they may have been able to vie for gold, but this season they have to be content with competing for the bronze medal on Saturday 10 September 2022. We wish the guys all the best for their final medal contention match of the outdoor season.