Warriors Men’s Team Bring Home SM Silver

After an absolute marathon of a final, the men’s team finished the indoor season with a historic silver medal in the Finnish Championship.

Facing the biggest match of our lives with only a single substitution, we were undeterred by HT-85’s colossal thirteen-strong team. We scored the opening goal halfway through the first quarter, with HT-85 equalising a minute later. Spirits were high, with huge encouragement from the crowd, as we scored again to finish the first quarter 2-1 up.

HT-85 scored a goal in each of the following two quarters, leading 3-2 up at the end of the third. Unfortunately, in the final quarter we couldn’t hold back the relentless waves of rested players any longer and HT-85 scored three more goals to finish 6-2 up at the final whistle.

Despite the disappointment of not claiming the trophy, we achieved the best result in the team’s ten-year history. It was a pleasure coaching the team and I am incredibly proud of how we played this season and our fighting spirit going into the final game. The sheer numerical advantage would have shaken any team, but we went into the match confident and determined.

While we now look forward to outdoor, we will be back to fight for gold in the next indoor season. With special thanks to my predecessor Lennon White for his passionate work transforming the team, club President Vicky Moga for his endless encouragement and enthusiasm, team Captain Joban for his calming influence and incredible goalkeeping, and to all of the spectators who cheered us on from the stands, I leave you with the Warriors men’s indoor team for 2022/23.

11Paramprit Singh Gill
12James Girling
13Daniel Price
14Cian Evers
15Manraj Singh
16Jobanvir Singh Khaira (C)
17Hardeep Khaira
21Max Eugeni
30Noel Cavernelis
44James Hudson
48/56Léonel Loens
53Ruben van Baare
99Gurdit Singh Gill

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