Men’s 1st Division Team Decisively DefeatsVantaa HC

Today 8 August 2018, was a superb day for the Helsinki Warriors as they confronted their long-time rivals Vantaa HC in a match filled with excitement and fantastic hockey at times. Some minor mistakes from the Warriors cost them a few possible goals but they were clearly ahead of the game during the entire match.

Their defensive game remained tight as they kept Vantaa HC out of their circle for the majority of the match providing their opponents with few scoring opportunities. Tensions ran high at times but the team kept their cool when it mattered most. The team capitalized on short corner opportunities and scored 3 goals. Jaffray Williams scored 2 goals and Visa Nurmi scored 1 goal. The final score was 3-0.

The warriors have 3 more matches remaining this season and can only move from strength to strength as the outdoor season nears to a close.

That Winning Glow

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