Junior Team Maintains Upward Mobility

The Team in Turku
The Pori Squad and Their Opponents

The Helsinki Warriors under-13’s are proving that they are a side to be reckoned with as they continue their assault on the points table. Over the past two weeks the team participated in two tournaments, one in Turku and one in Pori. The Turku tournament saw the team in action in two matches. The first match against HC Kilppari was won in emphatic fashion and ended with the Warriors crushing the opponents by 8 goals to 1.  The goal scorers were Arjunit Singh (4 goals), Aadit Phull (1 goal), Manraj Singh (2 goals) and Gurdit Gill (1 goal).  The second match proved a much tougher affair with the quick paced Vantaa team keeping the Warriors on their toes.  The match ended in a draw with neither team capatilising on scoring opportunities.

The second tournament took place on Sunday 19 August 2018 and led the Warriors to Pori where they were matched against Narukerä.  The Warriors won both matches.  The first match was rather decisive as the Warriors gained victory by 9 goals to 1 (Arjunit Singh (2), Aadit Phull (1), Manraj Singh (3), Gurdit Gill (1) and Maxim Aerts (2). The second match saw the final whistle blown at 4 goals to 0. The goals for this match came by courtesy of Aadit Phull (1) and Manraj Singh (3)

The rest of the season still awaits and the team needs to work even harder to give the top scoring team, Vantaa HC, a run for top honours.  The Vantaa team are currently leading the points table because of a much higher goal average.


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