Warriors Ladies End The Indoor Hockey Season With A Bronze Medal Playoff Against Vantaa HC

Just A Compilation Of Precious Moments Amongst The Ladies This Season .

The indoor season saw the Warriors ladies enter the season for the first time in the SM division. The team comprised of beginners and seasoned players gave it their all in a season filled with ups and downs, injuries and player departures.

The team like our club are filled with players from different corners of the world and they managed to come together as one. What is so remarkable about this team is how they band together even in the most adverse of situations. The team does not have the numbers that so many other teams possess, yet they gave it their utmost in all of the games they played this season. They displayed exceptional character, determination and resilience under fire.

In the face of a lack of experienced players on certain match days, the ladies displayed how committed they are to the team, despite the fact that they were often outnumbered and outplayed by the sheer experience some of the other teams possessed. We commend their utter commitment and passion toward the game and the team.

Victory or defeat, we are super proud of what the team has achieved this season and by the manner in which they carried themselves on and off the field.

Helsinki Warriors ladies played a phenomenal match today against an inspired Vantaa at the Herttoniemi sports hall. They maintained most of the possession but were unable to convert the opportunities created, mostly because of an inform Vantaa goalkeeper (Jonna) who just would not let any ball past the goalpost. On a day like this, when scoring goals proved an impossible task, Vantaa made use of their few opportunities and scored 2 goals to win the bronze medal. Congratulations on your win today, Vantaa Hockey Club.

March 10th, 2019 – The ladies definitely showed their commitment and passion today by not giving up. As a club we will carry this determination to the outdoor season and will live to fight another day. On a final note, thank you for an awesome indoor season, ladies. HOCKEY RESULTS

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