Finally An Update After A Lengthy Hiatus


The outdoor season commenced far too quickly as matches basically started as soon as the season did, which did not allow much time for preparation for our scheduled matches. This was a rather big adaption since we had basically just completed the indoor season.

Several changes occurred at the beginning of the season which caused a few disruptions but we adapted quickly as we took charge of the administrative and operating components.

We are now midway through the month of June and things are looking swell as all our teams from juniors to seniors are developing further and attaining good results. What characterizes our teams is our fighting spirit, even when the odds are highly stacked against us. We have proven countless times that we are a factor to be reckoned with.

The juniors and the seniors this outdoor season have had several highs and some lows, all in a days work I suppose and we have taken the lows and have tried to learn from it to emerge on the other side stronger and more motivated, but also to develop into better players and even better human beings.

Welcome To Our New Players

We have had several new recruits join the fold and we would like to thank them for joining and also welcome them to the club. We hope that you will grow to love the club like so many of us did since joining and we look forward to growing the club and its ethos with you.


The under 11’s this season will be a force to be reckoned with as they dominated in their first ever tournament at the beginning of the season. Despite horrible comments from parents on the sideline both under-11 teams continue doing well and are following an upward trajectory. We are proud to have our under-11’s represent our club with dignity and respect.


The under-14’s this season are a bunch of players of various capabilities and different age levels, some experienced and others less experienced. The one thing they have in common is tremendous heart even under adverse circumstances or when they are facing challenges which seem insurmountable at times. The team continues to grow and develop. This season they have only lost against an in-form and highly skilled Vantaa. We hope to have the tables turned as the season continues and as the players learn and develop. The team shows that age (9 to 14) and size do not matter as they soldier on in an effort to reach the top of the table.

Ladies SM and 1st Division Team

Our ladies team entered the Outdoor SM division for the first time since starting their campaign with the Helsinki Warriors. What a season it has been already, especially considering that this is only their second year of play. We also entered for the 1st Division which has proven very successful indeed.

The team consists of several new players and some older and more experienced ones. We do not have the numbers other clubs possess, but we make up for that in sheer fighting power and determination, as the results this season have shown. On match days we generally struggle to get 11 players on the field and have to resort to playing an 8+1 format, generally with zero substitutions. We have been fortunate enough to have been able to borrow players from other teams in order to fill our ranks during one occasion. We would like to take this opportunity to thank those teams for this.

Outnumbered But Not Outgunned!

We have adopted a saying this season which epitomizes our spirit of play.

Against the predicted or perceived odds the ladies have done tremendously well and continue to thrive and develop as the season progresses. This can be seen in the results attained against teams that are more established and greater in number. Often at the end of the matches the ladies are fatigued but still manage to smile and laugh despite sometimes losing to their opponents. It is this spirit that is the essence of the team, combined with their never-give-up approach.

Men’s SM Division Team

The Warriors Men entered the SM Outdoor Division for the 2nd time since 2014/2015 and are still finding their feet after a very quick and preparation free start to the season, especially considering the fact that most of the players did not play indoor hockey, thus coming into the outdoor season completely unprepared and with a lack of training under their belts.

We are satisfied with the way we have played thus far but know that we are capable of better hockey and better results. This can only be attained with more training, higher fitness levels, and keeping a positive outlook in terms of the fact that we are the newbies on the block and that we technically have nothing to lose nor anything to prove.

It is our aim to develop our game so that we are able to play a better second half of the season to improve our position on the results table. Under the guidance of coach Erik Choufoer we are confident that we will attain this. We are also playing for the enjoyment of the game which is ultimately the most important component. If we manage to play better quality hockey in the process, that is an added bonus.

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