Thank You Paavo Ondreka – ABC Goalkeeper

The Awesome Paavo Ondreka

We would like to dedicate this post to Paavo Ondreka, who at short notice, with the permission of his club was allowed to fill in as our goalkeeper for our epic battle against HT on Wednesday 12 June 2019, at the Helsinki Velodrome. Our regular goalkeeper unfortunately and unavoidably became indisposed due to an emergency. A massive thank you also to Sikke and HT for allowing us to lend a goalkeeper for this cracker of a match. Thank you also to the field hockey federation for its flexibility in this regard.

The spirit and professionalism in which Paavo assumed his goalkeeping duties are commendable and words cannot possible express our gratitude. His input and feedback, perspective and encouragement during the break periods were invaluable in terms of allowing us to continue our fight during the match.

You are welcome to join our ranks at any time! PS. ABC, this is not an attempt to poach Paavo, even though we would not mind having him all to ourselves 🙂

Pictures Courtesy Of Vicky Moga, Club President.


  1. Hi guys,

    I just did my job ;-).

    But it was an exciting game and you guys performed very well.

    I really enjoyed helping out, as Bob, the regulary goalkeeper of Warriors HC, was not able to play due to an emergency. All the best to him!

    See you in training at Velo! Really awesome, that Abc-team and Warriors HC have had those common exercises during this summer. I think every team can only benefit from the fact that we share ideas in training and that we work on crucial points concerning the game – together.

    Looking forward to see you guys on the pitch or in the clubhouse – so to speak ;-).

    Paavo Ondreka
    goalie of men’s Abc-team

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