Helsinki Warriors Obtains The Silver Medal In A Jaw Locking Encounter Against 2020 Indoor Champions ABC

This past Saturday, 8 February 2020, saw the Warriors ladies take on an always in-form ABC in the finals of the indoor SM hockey season. In only their second year of playing, the team snatched a silver medal in a toughly fought contest. The scoreline could have easily been turned around if the ladies managed to convert more of their scoring opportunities. The Warriors unfortunately lost 2-4 but the team put up a brave fight irrespective of the final result. This season the team has proven that they are more than just the final scoreboard or score line. A massive thank you to everyone who contributed to the team this season whether in a playing or supporting capacity.

Awesome Goal

Fantastic Short Corner Attempt

Fantastic Save

I would like to thank the team for a fantastic day of play and we are definitely taking the loss as a step forward since we know what we need to work on for the outdoor season. What makes the achievement so much more remarkable is that the team had very few practices this indoor season compared to the opponents they faced during the 2020 indoor season. This of course is not intended to take anything away from ABC who have been nothing but consistent during their season with a plethora of skilled and fit players to rely on, match after match. The achievement this season indicates that the Warriors has depth and stacks of potential to take the outdoor season by storm.

We would like to welcome Rosanna Anderson, a new addition to our Warriors family, who played her first match after an 18 month hiatus from the sport. We hope that you will create several fantastic memories and we hope that yesterday was one of these memories.

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