Ladies Indoor SM – Successful Match Day Behind The Helsinki Warriors

12 January 2020 – Captioned Match Footage – Herttoniemi Sports Hall

What an eventful and fantastic start to the day! The Helsinki Warriors Ladies SM team went into today with high hopes of winning this deciding match against a tough as nails Porvoo HC in order to vie for a position in the finals of the 2020 indoor season. Today they did just that and in the process proved exactly how resilient they are. Today exemplified the team’s fighting spirit in a game that became very physical from both teams’ perspective. This is something the team has to work on in order to prevent unnecessary penalties issued by the umpires. In addition to this, adhering to indoor tackling protocols will minimize mistakes and evidently benefit the team whenever they play.

The ladies put up quite the fight and prevented Porvoo from scoring on several occasions. The ladies also had several scoring opportunities and could have scored more goals if they had managed to convert the opportunities created and presented. Vicky Demarret, the Warriors goalkeeper, made some incredible saves and her penalty stroke save secured the team’s victory. The two goal scorers today were Saana Rasimus and Reeta Malkamäki. Both goals where assisted by Angela Scudier.

If any ladies out there are looking for a team to join or to start a new sport, this is the sport and the team for you. Our diversity is what makes us unique and we would like you to share in this. We have goals but most importantly we also play to have fun. The team is a mixed skilled team and anyone is more than welcome to join. Contact us via our contact page on our webpage as linked below.

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