Helsinki Warriors Men’s Team Defies The Odds

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The Helsinki Warriors 1st division team played a solid game of field hockey at the Pulleri Arena in Hämeenlinna today by decisively beating a decidedly young and agile Urjala Megasticks on their home ground today.  It was a pressure game since prior to the match, Urjala topped the leaderboard with a massive goal difference compared to the other teams in the division. The Warriors are edging closer to earning top honors in the division with two more matches ahead of them beckoning the end of the outdoor season.

The 11-man team played a decisive and at times inspired game highlighted by nifty passing.  The defensive line played a solid defensive game and provided several outlets that led to scoring opportunities.  Visa Nurmi once again played a fantastic game as centre half by controlling the game from the midfield.  Duncan Butt had several fantastic attacking and defensive runs which contributed to the goal conversion rate.  Even though plenty of scoring opportunities were squandered, the match ended with a respectable 6-1 scoreline favoring the Helsinki Warriors.

The goal scorers today were:

Noel Cavernelis – 3 goals

Paramprit Gill – 2 goals and

Jason Ivors – 1 goal


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