Helsinki Warriors Dedicates Today’s Practice to India’s National Sports Day In Tribute To Major Dhyanchand.


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Today marks a momentous occasion for our club as we celebrate India’s National Sports Day by dedicating our practice to Major Dhyanchand on his birthday.  Major Dhyanchand is one of India’s most legendary and beloved field hockey players.  Our club displayed our united spirit as a multicultural sports club in Finland in Honour of India’s National Sports Day.

Today’s practice session spanned several generations and numerous cultures, as young and old came together to practice as a united team.  Upcoming junior players, who will eventually join the senior squad once they are old enough, showed their nerve and steel by showing that they can play confidently with the seniors.

What made this day even more special is the fact that we practised on the very field where Balbir Singh, the Indian captain and flag bearer, scored 5 out of the 6 goals against the Netherlands in the Olympic field hockey final hosted at the Helsinki Velodrome in 1952.  The Indian team reigned victorious by beating the Dutch team 6-1.

1952 Olympic Field Hockey Final India vs Holland


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