Men’s 1st Division Indoor Hockey Starts With Mixed Results

The men’s 1st division team travelled to Urjala today to compete in their first indoor tournament for the season.  The day yielded mixed results as the team, relatively new to indoor hockey, tried to find their feet during their first match against the “youngsters”from Urjala.   The first match sadly ended with a 2-0 scoreline.

Our second match saw the team pitted against HT85 a mixture of young SM players and more mature players. The Warriors regrouped after the first match loss and decided to focus of positional play and positional substitution.  This proved to be the perfect strategy as the team played according to its strengths. The match was not without mistakes but the team played well and converted some of the scoring opportunities it was presented with.  The men was joined by Maaike Janssens who played a phenomenal match by mixing it up with the boys.  The team would like to thank manager and coach Erik Choufoer for the matches today and for getting the team ready to compete.

The match ended on a very well deserved 5-0, in favour of the Helsinki Warriors. The results of the matches can be seen by following the link provided.

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