Helsinki Warriors, In Close Cooperation With The International School Of Vantaa Under 12 Team, Reign Victorious…

The under 12 teams for all clubs this indoor season are a new venture in the hopes of growing the sport in Finland. At the moment three clubs have teams. The Warriors technically has two teams but fields one because of match availability, Urjala and HuveHockey both have one team each. We are hoping that more clubs will develop their junior program in order to grow the sport.

Unfortunately only three tournaments have been arranged for the under 12’s this season but we are hoping that the Finnish Hockey Federation will change this, so that the players can remain motivated to play. Kids love competing and if they do not compete, they lose interest, as past experiences have shown.

In their first tournament of the indoor season, the combined team traveled to Urjala to compete. The boys and the parents were extremely excited to finally be playing matches especially after the disappointment of the outdoor season, when they only played one tournament. In the run-up to the tournament, hockey was all these players had on the brain, and what a fantastic experience it proved to be. We would like to thank Olli Vesakoski (Urjala) for making all the arrangements in this regard. We would also like to extend a massive thank you to all the parents who offered rides to and from Urjala and all of those who attended in an effort to support the players. Your commitment to this has been astounding and we are truly thankful. We look forward to a prolonged relationship with you so that we can develop the players and the sport.

The team played three matches of which two results were officially recorded. In their first match the Helsinki Warriors beat Urjala by 7-0 in the span of 20 minutes. In their second encounter they beat HuVeHockey by 3 goals to 0. In their third encounter they convincingly beat a combined Urjala and Huve team by 8-1. The team squandered several opportunities in their second encounter by narrowly missing the goals. We are naturally working on becoming better. If you would like to join our under 12 team, you are welcome to join us for training in our school gym on Mondays from 15h00 till 16h30, at the International School of Vantaa. Boys and girls are most welcome. Let’s start a hockey revolution!

The next tournament is scheduled for Sunday 9 February 2020 at Jukola Sports Hall in Jukola. Times of these matches will be confirmed later.

Some Awesome Match Footage

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